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Hot summer days fashion never sleeps

Apr 30,2024 | Brabic

Under the scorching summer sun, which blankets the earth, making one feel drenched in sweat, especially for those who love wearing belts, it's a real challenge. It was precisely in this sweltering season that Wendy Locks approached me, as a designer at Brabic, seeking my assistance in customizing a belt that wouldn't cause discomfort in the heat, allowing her to wear it all year round. For me, it was an exciting challenge and an unforgettable experience in my design career.

Wendy Locks shared her requirements for comfort and style with me, along with her desire for a belt that would remain cool and comfortable even in the hot summer months. Upon hearing her requests, I immediately set out to design.

Firstly, I began searching for the most suitable fabric for summer wear. After careful research and selection, I opted for a mesh design, which is soft, breathable, and elastic, solving the problem of stuffiness in spring and summer.

Next, I began designing the style and structure of the belt. I decided to go for a simple yet stylish design to ensure the belt was not only comfortable but also versatile enough to pair with various outfits: a front-center zipper opening for easy wearing, hooks beneath the zipper for easier attachment of the waistband, a structure with 5 steel bones to enhance its support, providing better shaping and compression effects on the abdomen and waist.

Moreover, I added front and back inner crosspieces to effectively enhance the stability of the entire waistband, strengthening its shaping effect by firmly holding in the side fats, making the figure more curvaceous. The fashionable and versatile design can be paired with other clothing, providing a better wearing experience and enhancing the overall image with a sense of fashion, boosting confidence.

After several days of meticulous work, I finally completed this specially customized belt. When I handed it over to Wendy Locks, she was pleasantly surprised by this exquisite belt. Upon trying it on, she immediately felt the soft touch and cool wearing experience. In the scorching summer days, she confidently fastened the belt, feeling a different kind of comfort and ease.

For me, being able to create a belt for Wendy Locks that she can wear all year round is a tremendous achievement and satisfaction. I believe this belt will become her fashion favorite, accompanying her through every season.