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Designed for you, born for you

Apr 30,2024 | Brabic

As a Brabic designer specializing in custom waist cinchers, I am always attentive to the needs and feedback of my customers, striving to design products that meet their needs. Recently, I received an email from a customer named Brandy Bridges through an online channel. She is a young professional woman working in an office, complaining about discomfort in her waist caused by long periods of sitting and looking for a waist cincher that can provide both support and comfort, without feeling constrained when wearing it.

Upon receiving Brandy Bridges's email, I felt excited and challenged because her needs are exactly in my area of expertise. I discussed with my team, thoroughly analyzed her requirements, and began designing a waist cincher that meets her needs.

We first chose soft, breathable fabrics to ensure the comfort of the waist cincher and maintain good breathability. Considering Brandy Bridges's characteristic of long periods of sitting, we decided to adopt a soft support design to avoid discomfort. To ensure comfort when wearing, we also specially designed adjustable sizes to make the waist cincher fit Brandy Bridges's body shape more closely.

During the design process, I paid special attention to the details, ensuring that the overall design of the waist cincher not only meets functional requirements but also reflects the brand's sense of fashion and aesthetics. Priority consideration was given to posture and back health, with targeted support to enhance natural curves and reduce the risk of discomfort or strains. Additionally, considering her daily office needs to match other clothes, I used seamless fabrics that can be hidden under her clothes, allowing her to confidently pair the waist cincher with any outfit. We also made a sample waist cincher and prepared to send it to Brandy Bridges via courier.

Brandy Bridges received the sample waist cincher we sent, and she couldn't wait to communicate her fitting experience with me on Messenger. On the other end of the screen, I closely watched her every expression and movement, anticipating her feedback. As she gradually put on the waist cincher, a mixture of anticipation and tension surged in my heart.

During our Facetime video call, Brandy smiled and told me about the comfort and supportiveness of the waist cincher. She described how she felt the waist cincher fitting and supporting her waist, as well as the confidence it gave her. Her words revealed satisfaction and surprise, which made me feel extremely relieved.

This fitting exchange not only helped me understand Brandy's approval of the waist cincher we designed, but also deepened my understanding of customer needs. I firmly believe that the waist cincher we designed is not only a product but also a power that gives people confidence and comfort. Brandy's positive feedback inspires me to continuously pursue innovation and perfection in design, bringing more surprises and satisfaction to customers.