The Guide To Waist Training For Men

The Guide To Waist Training For Men

The Guide To Waist Training For Men

Everything you want to know about waist trainers for men: who should use one, using it with high-intensity training, and how to get the ultimate shape when wearing one.

What Is a Waist Trainer for Men

So you want to know what is a waist trainer? A waist trainer is a shaping device normally made of a synthetic material that fits around your waist and shapes your abdomen and stomach via high compression. It gives your body a more slender shape and the appearance of instant weight loss. 

Waist trainers for men are popular because they can achieve the sought after masculine “Y-shape” by shaping your waistline. They can also be worn to increase the effectiveness of high-intensity workouts (HIIT) or simply under your daily casual clothing.

Waist trainers for men are made of either latex, spandex, neoprene, or nylon depending on the compression shaping strength you are seeking. These materials are tight, compressive, and also heat-trapping. Thermal compression material like neoprene or latex causes the core temperature around your waist to rise during high-intensity workouts. As a result of wearing a quality waist trainer during HIIT, your body burns more calories, your metabolism is increased, your EPOC afterburn is maximized, and ultimately, you lose more belly fat faster. 

Waist trainers for men are a great tool for any weight loss workout, especially when combined with high-intensity interval training workouts.

However, waist trainers should not be confused with a corset. Corsets are made with rigid bone inserts that focus on shaping the women’s entire midsection and are much more rigid than the more flexible waist trainers for men used in exercising.

How Does A Waist Trainer Work?

The basic definition of waist training is the process of slimming and/or molding the waist by using a waist trainer. This process doesn’t happen overnight, yet while wearing a waist trainer you will instantly have a smaller waist, more masculine shape, and instantly look more well defined. But for your body to change, the waist trainer must be worn consistently for a few hours each day.

Using a waist trainer does not directly result in weight loss. Simply wearing a waist trainer will not result in a smaller waist and fat loss. A common misconception is that waist training will help you spot reduce belly fat. This is a myth. There is no such thing as spot reduction. 

How Waist Trainers Work to Lose Weight

Waist trainers can help you eat less. If worn before and during mealtime, waist trainers can act similar to an external lap-band. Lap bands are surgical bands that are placed around the stomach to reduce its overall size. Once the band is in place your stomach size and appetite are reduced. Waist trainers work the same way. By applying external pressure to the stomach and shrinking its overall size, you will feel fuller, faster. You eat less food and lose more weight!

Another way waist trainers help with fat loss is by making you sweat more. When worn during high-intensity interval training workouts, the tight neoprene/latex that is wrapped around your abdomen increases your core body temperature around your waist. Your body responds by perspiring more and working against the flexible resistance of the waist trainer.

As a result, you lose water weight, you lose belly fat, you increase abdominal definition and you strengthen your core muscles. Remember, a waist trainer is not the same as more rigid weight belts that offer no flexibility. Waist trainers are designed to offer flexible resistance to core muscles, therefore making HIIT exercises more effective. 

Scientific Evidence Backs Waist Training

Studies conducted by Western State Colorado University showed that participants that wore a neoprene waist trainer while working out for 8 weeks lost up to 14% body fat, and increased their VO2 max. What was one of the most astonishing findings was the group that wore the waist trainer suit had an elevated resting metabolic rate and were able to burn a higher amount of calories due to EPOC (Excessive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) well after the workout was complete.

Is Waist Training for Me?

Waist trainers for men can be used by anyone no matter what fitness level. You may think that waist trainers for men are not very “macho.” What isn’t macho is having a belly spilling out over your waistline ruining your appearance. So check your ego and realize that waist trainers for men are one of the best fat loss tools available. Remember, when choosing a waist trainer it's important to pick one that fits well and is comfortable so your fat loss journey is as easy as possible!

Do Waist Trainers Actually Work for Men?

Do waist trainers for men work? When combined with a healthy diet, a 30 minutes routine of high-intensity interval training and a good night's sleep, yes. Waist trainers for men can help you lose inches around your waistline in a matter of weeks. If your still not convinced, check out some of our before and after result photos.

How Long Do I Wear a Waist Trainer to See Results?

How long will it take for you to see results using a waist trainer? What type of results can I expect?

Well, this all depends. Just like starting a new weight loss or workout regimen consistency combined with high-intensity training is paramount. Using a waist trainer 8 hours per day will show faster improvements in body shaping than using a waist trainer an hour a month. Combining daily and hourly use with high-intensity interval training offers the maximum results. 

You could shave an inch or two off your waist within the first few weeks of waist training or you might not see results for a month or two. 

In addition, genetics also play a large factor in how well you will respond to waist training. Things like torso length and the distance between your hip and rib cage all are factors in how well you will respond to waist training. 

Just remember consistency is key. Using a waist trainer frequently for prolonged amounts of time (8 hours+) will yield the fastest results. 

How to Achieve the Best Waist Training Results

At the end of the day, waist training is only a supplement to a healthy diet and good exercise habits. To see the best results the fastest, make sure that you are eating a diet consisting of whole foods and void of highly processed foods. Follow these few rules and you will be well on your way towards your waist training fat loss journey!

How to Use Waist Trainers During Workouts

Some of the best types of workouts with a waist trainer are resistance training and high-intensity interval exercises. Resistance training workouts using a waist trainer will promote core muscle development using external resistance that increases the strength, tone, and stamina of your waist and stomach.  For example, when wearing a waist trainer to perform exercises like squats or crunches you to amplify the intensity of the exercises due to the compression of the waist trainer.

High-intensity interval training while wearing a waist trainer also is one of the most beneficial types of workouts that burn fat. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) consists of short, high-intensity bouts of effort with breaks in between for recovery. What's so beneficial about wearing a waist trainer during HIIT exercises is the proven documented increase of long-term “afterburn” fat-burning effect that takes place once a workout is complete. The scientific term for this is excess post-exercise energy consumption (EPOC). After an arduous HIIT session, you continue to burn a surplus of calories for up to 24 hours due to EPOC. 

What’s great about either a neoprene or latex waist trainer for men is that they can easily be worn during a workout. Combining a waist trainer with resistance training workouts or HIIT workouts can be an amazingly fast and efficient way to lose body fat.

Beginners Tips to Waist Training

When first starting with a waist trainer, only wear your waist trainer a few hours at a time. Gradually wear the waist trainer for longer durations as you get more accustomed to it. The waist trainer should be tight, but never painful.

Waist training for men actually can help you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently. Consider any of the following waist trainers to help you lose belly fat and become a better version of yourself!

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